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Valve Supply

CVS supply severe service and pressure independent control valves, angle valves, rotary valves and globe valves, providing the most appropriate valve solution.
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Valve Service

CVS has the experience and expertise to offer a complete service and repair package for both planned and reactive maintenance needs to make valve servicing hassle free.
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Valve Testing

A well maintained valve will meet its performance specifications for many years. By contrast a poorly maintained valve may suffer from reduced performance or failure.
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Valve Management

CVS Manager™ can monitor the performance of valves over periods of time and service requirements against CVS' extensive knowledge database.
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Valve Automation

CVS offer a bespoke package building service for your automation requirements, we start with the valve that meets with your design and specific standards.
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Control Valve Solutions (CVS) Limited is leading the way in its unique approach to bespoke Control, Isolation & Emergency Shutdown Valve and related product supply, service, testing and management.

With its own in-house valve management software, CVS Manager™ valve performance can be monitored and component failures can be accurately predicted using Emerson's FlowScanner 6000. This facilitates planned maintenance schedules and allows platform operators to all but eliminate costly unplanned shutdowns.

28 minutes from a client taking an emergency call in a presentation to a Valve Engineer being mobilized to repack a valve that was leaking hydrocarbons.

A Missing 3 Duplex Valve tracked down within seconds saving client around £8,000 to replace with a new valve. The valve had previously been repaired by CVS, tagged & data recorded in CVS ManagerTM so it was simple to locate the valve.

5-day turnaround for an emergency valve package including an IQ12 actuator with a 12-week lead time. Through CVS ManagerTM a replacement was located in the client's main stores and the package delivered within a very tight deadline.

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