CVS Valve Testing & Monitoring

A well maintained valve will be able to meet its performance specifications for many years. By contrast a poorly maintained valve may suffer from reduced performance, or suffer a catastrophic failure.

Performance monitoring and predictive diagnostics are critical elements in the management of process plant and systems today. CVS is an expert in the planning and performing of valve maintenance requirements.

CVS' valve maintenance offering is scalable, making it equally applicable no matter what size of plant, be it on or offshore.

Performance Tuning

To ensure plant is operating at peak efficiency CVS can monitor the performance of valves over a period of time or by comparing service requirements against its extensive knowledge database.

Using this knowledge allows CVS to accurately predict when valve or component failures are likely to occur and create a planned maintenance schedule which will all but eliminate failures leading to costly unplanned shutdowns.

CVS believes performance tuning is not only more cost effective but will ensure that the highest possible level of plant availability. It also provides environmental benefits by reducing leakages, making best use of components and ensures that the plant is operating at peak efficiency.

Valve Diagnostics

Control valve performance monitoring and predictive diagnostics, is a critical element in the management of process plant and systems today.

Technological advances within the control valve industry, means that CVS can now predict when valve/component failures are likely to occur. This information can provide huge benefits to the end user and save money, by scheduling outages for overhauls at the most appropriate times, rather than on an ad-hoc basis.

CVS can provide a comprehensive valve diagnostic package to suit each client's specific needs for predictive maintenance programmes.

Remote Witness Testing

Witness testing can also be carried out in person or by using live web feeds to obtain test results through CVS Manager™ either on-site or in CVS' Aberdeen workshop.

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