CVS Valve Supply

With strong relationship' with all leading manufacturing companies of control valves and associated products including isolation valves, CVS can source new valves for almost every application and also find replacements for many valves that may be considered obsolete.

CVS has supplied severe service and pressure independent control valves, angle valves, rotary valves and globe valves. These have been matched with all types of actuators and controls, providing the most appropriate valve solution for each application.

Bespoke Packages

With CVS' deep understanding of the principles of valve design, selection and integration into a control system, the team can supply a bespoke valve within the same lead time as an off-the-shelf valve.

Standard valves, actuators and positioners are procured and then combined with the controls that meet the exact specification of the client's individual site or platform. The correct fittings and protective finishes are very carefully matched to a client's needs.

On-site Commissioning

The CVS team can be mobilised within 24 hours to provide clients with the assurance needed to continue operations, even when the unexpected happens.

CVS' certified engineers have the breadth of experience necessary to work on all types of valve, from severe service control valves to critical isolation valves. As specialists within the offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea, CVS engineers are well known for their reputation of providing expert assistance under challenging conditions.

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